Clean Energy Transition Call 2022 Pre-announcement

The CETPartnership Joint Call 2022 is the first annual co-funded call under the CETPartnership and is co-funded by the European Commission under the Horizon Europe Partnership scheme. 

The CETPartnership Joint Call 2022 is structured around the joint call text and 11 Call modules, provided by the TRIs. The joint call text contains general information about the call, applying to all applicants. The Call modules describe specific topics and/or challenges that applicants shall address in their project proposal. Applicants must choose and apply to a specific call module when submitting their project proposal. Evaluation and ranking of the project proposals will be performed separately per Call module.

However, Czech applicants will be able to participate only in the following Call Modules:

TRI 1: Integrated Net-zero-emissions Energy System


Call Module 1.1: RESDemoPowerFlex

Call Module 1.2: PowerPlanningTools

TRI 3: Enabling Climate Neutrality with Storage Technologies, Renewable Fuels and CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) and CCU (Carbon Capture and Utilisation)


Call Module 3.1: Enabling Climate Neutrality with CCU/CCS

Call Module 3.2: Enabling Climate Neutrality with hydrogen and renewable fuels

TRI 5: Integrated Regional Energy Systems


Call Module 5.1: Integrated Regional Energy Systems for a Resilient, Secure, and Renewable Energy Supply

TRI 7: Integration in the Built Environment


Call Module 7.1: R&I in clean energy integration in the built environment

Call Module 7.2: Solutions to energy transition in the built environment

Project consortia must include at least three independent legal entities from at least three different countries participating in the CETPartnership Joint Call 2022, out of which at least two must be EU Member States or Horizon Europe Associated Countries.

The rules of this call for Czech applicants are based on the “EPSILON” programme. TA CR will support successful Czech subjects from The Resilience Recovery fund and that is why applicant need to meet additional conditions. The total amount of TA CR support per call for Czech applicants in international projects is 2 450 000 EUR of which a maximum of 175 000 EUR per project in Call Module 7.1 within TRI 7 and 175 000 EUR per project in Call Module 7.2 within TRI 7. Call Modules within TRI 1, 3 and 5 have no limitation. The maximum intensity of support for the Czech side of the project is 85% of the total eligible costs of the project.

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