The Impact of the Provisional Budget (Temporary Budget) on Projects in the Implementation Phase

The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR) informs the beneficiaries about the impact of the so-called provisional budget (temporary budget) on projects in the implementation phase, for which TA CR is the provider of funding and which were supported within its programmes & calls (inc. international calls)*. The TA CR is currently resolving the situation with the Ministry of Finance and all the information that is currently known is listed below.

As the Act on the State Budget of the Czech Republic for 2022 has not yet been approved, the Czech Republic will most likely operate under a provisional budget regime (temporary budget) from January 2022, which will also affect the provision of funding for 2022.

According to the General Terms and Conditions, the TA CR has the following options:

a) notify the main beneficiary, that the relevant part of the funding will not be provided within the set deadline and, if possible, indicate another deadline by which this part of the funding will be provided to the main beneficiary,

b) proposes to the main beneficiary a change of the binding national rules of the project,

c) terminate the project contract.

All beneficiaries will be notified of which option(s) will be used by TA CR.

You can find more information in the letter that was sent to all the lead researchers and project owners.

*Does NOT include projects under BETA 2 programme.