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Concrete Step Towards the Deepening of Mutual Cooperation with Germany

On 19th October 2016, TA CR actively parcitipated in the Fraunhofer Institute Day and strenghtened relations with this key institution for German applied research. It was very well received that TA CR operatively prepares a first call for joint projects of applied research with Germany with a focus on Industry 4.0. This is a concrete step for broadening of mutual cooperation. Further more, a closed collaboration with the Fraunhofer institutes on the preparation of the National Competence Centres Programme was discussed for which the system of funding of the Fraunhofer institutes is a big inspiration for the Czech Republic. Similarly, a closer coordination with the Fraunhofer institutes and with other German institutions in the participation in the key European R&D support programme Horizon 2020 was proposed. A director of one the Fraunhofer institutes, Prof. Wehrspohn, was also one of the main guests of yesterday's TA CR Day which carried the title of Smart Life.