Board of TA CR


General Information

The Presidium of TACR is the executive body of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic. The Presidium of TACR has five members, including the Chairperson. Members of the Presidium of TACR hold their office for a period of four years, with the possibility of being appointed for two successive periods at the most. The members of the Presidium and the Chairperson are appointed and removed by the Government upon the proposal of by the Council for Research, Development and Innovation.

Members of the Presidium of TACR

The appointed Members of the Presidium:

Chairperson of TACR

  • Represents TACR externally and acts on its behalf in all matters,
  • Chairs meetings of the Presidium,
  • Appoints and removes the Director of the Office of TACR.

Presidium of TACR

  • Approves the publication of public tenders in research, development and innovation,
  • Decides on the conclusion of contracts for the provision of support or decisions on the provision of support,
  • Submits the draft statute of TACR and its amendments to the Government for approval,
  • Submits the draft budget of TACR,
  • Coordinates the activities of departmental committees.