Foreign Evaluators
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Foreign Evaluators

Welcome to the area of Technology Agency of the Czech Republic website which is dedicated to the registration of foreign evaluators.

The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic has been looking for independent foreign experts to perform evaluations of projects in public tenders. Filling up the registration form is the first step for becoming TA CR’s external evaluator and for being able to be assigned with project proposals that best reflect your profession, expertise and experiences. Therefore, we would kindly like to ask you to pay special attention when choosing a specific programme for which you would like to be evaluator and when entering your major and minor fields of expertise, according to the Research and Development and Innovation Information System of the Czech Republic classification (the so called CEP), that correspond best to your professional focus and experiences. These criteria will be of main influence for drawing evaluators for specific project proposals within the information system.

Evaluation process
Project proposals are assessed from several points of view. These include for example the assessment of goals setting, thematic focus, quality and level of expertise, and also the economic aspects. Projects as well as evaluation form are accessible via internet application.

You will be asked to confirm your participation in the evaluation process by e-mail at the moment of the call closure. All important information and data will be included in the e-mail you will receive.

You will acquire detailed information on the evaluation process and about the programme through an e-learning course which is compulsory for all external evaluators. Access details to this e-learning course will be sent to the email address that you will have entered into the registration form.

External evaluators are entitled for remuneration for evaluation of each project proposal. You will be informed about specific terms and conditions of remuneration before signing of the Framework Agreement that will be concluded before your first evaluation.

Competence Centres programme
The Competence Centres programme focuses on supporting the establishment and development of centres of research, development and innovation in advanced industries with high application potential and prospects for a substantial contribution to the growth of the competitiveness of the Czech Republic. The involvement of foreign experts in evaluation of project proposals is crucial especially in terms of bringing global perspectives to this programme.

Next call of the programme will be open in spring 2013 and project proposal evaluation by independent evaluators shall take place from June to August 2013.

In order to register in the database please fill in the registration form below.Thank you for your interest. We are looking forward to our cooperation.  

Candidates from the Czech Republic should register ONLY through the Czech registration form (and vice versa).

For technical issues with the form, please contact our Technical Support