Alfa Programme
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Alfa Programme


logo alfaThe ALFA program aims to support applied research and experimental development especially in the field of advanced technologies, materials and systems, energy resources and the protection and creation of the environment and the sustainable development of transport. The acquired knowledge, applied in the form of innovation, will strengthen the performance of businesses and increase the competitiveness of the economy and society of the Czech Republic, thereby increasing the quality of life and overall quality of the environment.


The ALFA programme is divided into 3 sub-programmes:

1. Advanced technologies, materials and systems

2. Energy resources and environmental creation and protection

3. Sustainable development of transport

The programme is planned for a eight-year period (2011-2019), during which a total of 14.4 billion CZK will be distributed. The first public tender was announced on the 24th of March 2010, and the second public tender was announced on the 20th of July 2011. The third public tender of the ALFA programme was announced on the 6th of June 2012.

The recipients of support may be independent business entities (legal entities and individuals) as well as research organizations; the ALFA programme will mainly support their joint projects.

The ALFA programme can only support projects that reasonably expect to achieve at least one of the following types of results according to the Register of information on results:

• patents;

• pilot operation, proven technology;

• results with legal protection - utility models, industrial designs;

• technically realized results - prototypes, functional samples;

• certified methodologies and procedures, and maps with expert content;

• software.


• ALFA programme for the support of applied research and experimental development

• List of members of the Programme Council

• List of members of the Sub-programme Council

• Statute and Rules of Procedure of the Sub-programme Council

• Statute and Rules of Procedure of the Programme Council

• Rules for expert evaluations of project proposals

• Community Framework for State aid for Research, Development and Innovation