Advanced analytics for knowledge transfer monitoring and evaluation

Project acronym:KnowledgeAnalytics
Project ID: 02C0538
DurationApril 1, 2024, to June 30, 2028
Budget1 742 354 EUR


The goal is to transfer scientific knowledge to businesses and society, promoting cooperation between science and business, and utilizing knowledge valorization tools based on data analysis. The focus will be on promoting R&D activities, engaging scientists in business activities, project management, monitoring, evaluation, and utilizing advanced analysis methods based on artificial intelligence and big data.


  1. Research Council of Lithuania (Lithuania) – Lead Partner
  2. Public Institution Lithuanian Innovation Centre
  3. Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency
  4. Autonomous University of Barcelona
  5. LAB University of Applied Sciences
  6. Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
  7. University of Mons
  8. Estonian Research Council

The project is funded by the program “Interreg Europe”.