An important part of international cooperation is also of strengthening of partnership and sharing
of experience and good practice s within Taftie, the European Network of Innovation Agencies.

Taftie is the European Association of Association of 32 European innovation agencies from
28 European countries. Its members make a major contribution to strengthening Europe’s economic performance by supporting product-, process- and services innovation by implementing their countries’ national and International Research, Development and Innovation Programmes. 

Taftie has four international partners: FINEP (Brazil) KIAT (Korea, NRC (Canada) and NEDO (Japan).

The Taftie Chairmanship is based on a rotating principle. TA CR had the honour of chairing Taftie
in 2017.

TA CR became
a Taftie member in

The TA CR Board Member is

The decision-making body of Taftie is a Board of Directors in which all member organizations
are represented and have voting rights. It approves the accounts, the operational plans and establishes task forces. The TA CR Board Member is the TA CR Chairman Petr Konvalinka.

The Executive Working Group, consisting of delegates from each member, monitors the work
of the task forces and prepares the decisions to be taken in the Board meetings. Task Forces
are established by the Board to work on an item of mutual interest by the expert staff of at least six member organizations. Participation is on a voluntary basis. TA CR is involved in all Taftie Task Forces.

The Membership Policy Group was established in 2013, its main role is the coordination
of the application procedure for new members and implementation of an active membership policy. TA CR is a member of MPG since 2017.

The Taftie Academy was established in June 2009 for the sake of its member organizations. The aim is to improve the skills of the staff and the quality of processes. Therefore a tailor-made programme (with training and workshops) was set up. TA CR participates in a majority of Taftie Academy educational events.


The Taftie Strategy articulates overarching values define concrete principles, the core purpose of existence and vision for the next three to five years. The Taftie ideology consists of three core elements – the Taftie Mission, Vision, and Core values.