Information for evaluators

Thank you for deciding to become an evaluator of the project proposals for the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR).

What will your task be:

You will evaluate project proposals submitted in the calls for proposals of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic. Your evaluation report will be filled in electronically in our information system ISTA. The whole process of evalution by an evaluator looks as follows:

How will the cooperation with the TA CR look like:

We will try to assign such project proposals to you that suit best your field of expertise and professional experience. For this reason, please pay attention when filling in the registration form, especially the fields of research that should correspond to your professional experience and expertise.

Communication between the TA CR and the experts is conducted solely electronically, including concluding the frame agreement and the evaluation of project proposals.

What the next steps are:

1. Create a user account in our information system ISTA

After logging into the system, you can proceed with registering yourself as an evaluator (you can find the Evaluator registration in your Work list).

2. Filling in the registration form

Please pay special attention to selecting both primary and secondary fields of research based on the classification “CEP” that correspond to your professional experience and expertise. The concrete project proposals are assigned mainly based on these categories.

Please attach your professional CV that should correspond to the fields of research that you have previously selected. For each selected category in your evaluator profile, it should be evident from your CV that you have an adequate education, professional experience or experience as an evaluator – ideally combination of all. TA CR can verify these details and remove any of the selected categories in case they are not supported by your CV.

3. Getting familiar with the evaluation process

Before we can add you to the list of evaluators for a particular call for proposals, you will have to go through a training on its evaluation process and the evaluation criteria. The training is usually done as an e-learning in the information system ISTA. You will be informed about the requirements of any training in due time.

  • We are looking forward to working with you!