By raising your concerns about illegal activity, you help us prevent future issues and uphold our values.

The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (hereinafter referred to as “TA CR”) has established an internal reporting channel for the reporting of illegal activities, especially in cases of corruption and fraud or other illegal activities. The internal reporting channel uses completely confidential settings to protect your identity. In case of a report of possible illegal or unethical behaviour, you do not need to worry about the leakage of information, any harm to you, or retaliatory measures.

A report via the TA CR internal reporting channel can be made in the following ways:

Online reporting
Use the report form (we recommend using the Google Chrome browser) available on the web platform at: www.tacr.whistlelink.com

Reporting in person
Make an appointment via e-mail: wbo@fairdata.cz or by phone: +420 226 288 363 with the Competent Persons appointed from independent lawyers specialising in whistleblowing and internal investigations contracted by the company FairData Professionals a.s., with registered office
at Na Florenci 1332/ 23, Nové Město, Prague 1, postal code 110 00, ID number: 061 49 961.

Competent Persons

  • Jana Schwarz Duchková
  • Lívia Djukić

Online reporting works through a unique system of receiving reports based on high confidentiality and anonymity, available 24/7, 365 days a year, which allows subsequent communication with you, even if you choose to remain anonymous. When submitting a report, please include all useful and relevant information that may contribute to its prompt and efficient review and attach any relevant documentation. You will be promptly notified in writing by the Competent Persons about the receipt of your report, no later than within 7 days of its receipt in the internal reporting channel. We will also inform you in writing about the results of its assessment.

More information on how to submit a report, how the investigation is conducted, and how we protect the reporting person can be found in the Reporting Person Protection Policy under this link.

If the report concerns unethical conduct, it is possible to also submit a report to the Ethics Committee of the TA CR, whose members are employees of the TA CR, through an online form within the internal reporting channel. In the course of the investigation, the Ethics Committee is bound by the Statute and Rules of Procedure.

Members of the Ethics Committee

  • Petr Matolín, chairman of the Ethics Committee
  • Stanislava Šimánková
  • Dominika Paclíková

Preventive anti-corruption activity in the TA CR is coordinated with Transparency International. Prevention of corrupt behaviour in the TA CR is focused on the fulfilment of tasks in the four-year Anti-Corruption Programme with annual Action Plans, and the topics are also incorporated into the risk analysis.
The performance of tasks is regularly evaluated by the TA CR chairmanship.