Announcement of the date of the launch of the 8th call in SIGMA - sub-objective 4 bilateral cooperation, programme and the preliminary parameters

The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR) wishes to inform on the preparation of the 8th Call of the Programme for applied research and innovation SIGMA – sub-objective 4, bilateral cooperation (hereinafter referred to as the „SIGMA Programme – sub-objective 4”).

The launch of this Call for proposals is planned for 15 May 2024.

The call of the SIGMA Programme – sub-objective 4 is aimed at supporting international cooperation in applied research of Czech companies and research organizations.

The TA CR foresees international cooperation in applied research between Czech enterprises and research organizations, and the following partners:

LocalityForeign partner agencyAbbreviation
FranceFrench National Research AgencyANR
Republic of KoreaKorea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and PlanningKETEP
Republic of KoreaKorea Institute for Advancement of TechnologyKIAT
Federal Republic of GermanySaxon State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and TransportSMWA
USADepartment of Energy of the United States of AmericaDOE
TaiwanMinistry of Economic AffairsMoEA
TaiwanNational Science and Technology CouncilNSTC

The TA CR is currently in negotiation with the above-mentioned foreign partner organizations as well as other additional organizations. The final list of foreign partner organizations participating in the 8th call of the SIGMA Programme sub-objective 4 shall be published on the official website and in the Call documentation.

The main parameters of the 8th call of the SIGMA and more information may be found here.

Further information and the specific conditions for participation shall be published in the Call documentation on the day of the launch of the public call. 

Should you have any questions, please contact us via Helpdesk. Consultations of the project proposals are available through the regional contact points.

Should you wish to search for new potential project partners, please use the TA CR’s Partnering Tool.