BiodivClim ERA-NET Cofund

Identification od programme: BiodivClim
Project number: 869237 
Type of Action: ERA-NET Cofund
Call: H2020-LC-CLA-2018-2019-2020
Coordinator: BELSPO, Belgium
Duration: 60 měsíců (2.9.2019 – 1.9.2024
Estimated Project Budget: € 15,151,516.00
Requested EU Contribution: € 5,000,000

The project summary:

BiodivClim is a network of 33 public funding organisations from 22 European and non-European countries. The partners of the initiative aim to promote international collaboration and coordinated international research on biodiversity & climate change in all environments, incl. agricultural areas. It will strengthen research & research programmes coordination with the ultimate aim to provide policy makers & other stakeholders with adequate knowledge, tools & practical solutions to improve the conservation & sustainable use of biodiversity & ecosystems under a changing climate. 

The BiodivClim objectives are to: 1) Design & implement two joint calls for research proposals in this field (incl. one co-funded). 2) Ease rapid & efficient uptake of funded research results by the IPBES & IPCC for their future assessments, & by other relevant initiatives. 3) Reinforce data open access. 4) organize 2 joint calls that fulfill these goals. 

TA ČR’s goal within this initiative is to consolidate the cooperation with relevant funding organisations from Europe and beyond.

Project activities:

Project activities are divided to 7 work packages.
WP1: Management and Coordination. WP leader FFG
WP2: Co-funded call (Call 2016) – Preparation and launch
WP3: Co-funded call (Call 2016) – Evaluation and proposal selection
WP4: Co-funded call (Call 2016) – Follow up and monitoring of projects
WP5: Additional activities 1 – Additional joint calls without EU co-funding
WP6: Additional activities 2 – Other joint activities
WP7: Communication, exploitation and dissemination of the results

Participating organisations:

  1. FWF, Austria
  2. BELSPO, Belgium
  3. F.R.S.-FNRS, Belgium
  4. FWO, Belgium
  5. FAPESP, Brazil (Sao Paulo)
  6. BNSF, Bulgaria
  7. TACR, Czech Republic
  8. IFD, Denmark
  9. ETAG, Estonia
  10. AKA, Finland
  11. ANR, France
  12. GUA-REG, France
  13. REU-REG, France
  14. DFG, Germany
  15. DLR-PT, Germany
  16. EPA, Ireland
  17. MoEP, Israel
  18. RCL, Lithuania
  19. RCN, Norway
  20. NCN, Poland
  21. FCT, Portugal
  22. FRCT, Portugal (Azores)
  23. UEFISCDI, Romania
  24. SAS, Slovakia
  25. DST, South Africa
  26. AEI, Spain
  27. GOBCAN, Spain (Canary Islands)
  28. FORMAS, Sweden
  29. SNSF, Switzerland
  30. TAGEM, Turkey

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No. 642420.