DELTA 2 Programme: Announcement of the date of the launch of the 2nd call and the preliminary parameters

The Technology Agency (TA CR) wishes to inform on preparation of the 2nd call of the Programme for applied research, experimental development and innovation DELTA 2, which launch is currently scheduled for 13 May 2020.

The TA CR foresees to support international cooperation in applied research between Czech enterprises and research organisations,
and the following partners:

LocalityForeign partner agencyAbbreviation
AlbertaGerman-Canadian Centre for Innovation and Research GCCIR
Federative Republic of BrazilThe Brazilian Company for Research and Industrial InnovationEMBRAPII
ZhejiangZhejiang Science and Technology DepartmentZSTD
Republic of KoreaKorea Institute for Advancement of Technology 
Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning
QuébecConsortium for Research and Innovation  in Aerospace in QuébecCRIAQ
State of IsraelThe Israel-Europe R&D DirectorateISERD
TaiwanMinistry of Economy AffairsMoEA
TaiwanMinistry of Science and Technology MoST
JiangsuJiangsu Science and Technology DepartmentJSTD 
Socialist Republic of VietnamState Agency for Technology Innovation SATI 

The TA CR is currently in talks with other foreign organisations. The final list of cooperating localities in the 2nd call of the DELTA 2 programme will be published on the website and in the Tender Dossier. Participant from the Czech Republic may be both a research organisation and an enterprise, which has to be take on the role of a main applicant on the Czech side. 

The 2nd call differs from the 1st call in several parameters. These parameters are marked in red colour in the table containing the preliminary parameters and require a higher attention.

The main parameters of the 2nd call and closer information may be found under this link

Further information and all the conditions for submitting a project proposal will be published in the Tender Dossier on the day of launch of the public call. 

Any questions regarding the 2nd call of the DELTA 2 programme please direct to the Helpdesk.

The regional contact places are available for any consultations concerning project intentions – the contact details may be found HERE.