About the project:

The project will analyse potentials and feasibility of prospective expanders for organic Rankine cycles (ORC) based on impulse turbomachines and rotary vane expanders in power range of 1-50 kW. Based on three case studies (micro-cogeneration, waste heat recovery and low-temperature geothermal) three expanders will be designed (and optimised), built and tested: one rotary vane and two impulse turbines, including one highly innovative concept, for two different working fluids. Geometries and experimental data including many off-design operation states will be summarised and published to boost industrial development as well as research on expanders in this field. Feasibility mapping will be performed and published over the range of power and applications for the considered expander types.

Beneficiary and project partners:

České vysoké učení technické v Praze
GT-Progres, s.r.o.
Norwegian University of Science and Technology