About the project:

The main aim of the project is the R&D of novel radiopharmaceuticals based on terbium-161 and novel vectors for targeted therapy of tumors. The advantage of Tb-161 is in the emission of large numbers of low energy electrons followed by gamma radiation allowing tomographic imaging and therapy follow-up. This will allow targeting of single cancer cells, micrometastases and whole tumors, particularly in early stages of diseases to increase the treatment efficiency. Project results include not only the Tb-161 production in relevant quantity, but also novel targeting molecules. Collaboration between the Czech and Norway highly experienced partners in the research, development and commercialization of the results has all prerequisites to reach the proposed results..

Beneficiary and project partners:

České vysoké učení technické (ČVUT)
Oslo University Hospital
Centrum výzkumu Řež s.r.o.
Nordic Nanovector ASA
Ústav makromolekulární chemie AV ČR, v. v. i.
Institute for energy technology