ERA-MIN 3 Call 2023: Pre-announcement

The ERA-MIN Joint Transnational Call 2023 is the second joint call of ERA-MIN3 and will be officially launched on 7th December 2022.

The scope of the 2023 Call is needs-driven research addressing three segments of non-fuel, non-food raw materials: metallic minerals; construction materials; industrial minerals.

The five main call topics, are:

  • Topic 1. Supply of raw materials from exploration and mining
  • Topic 2. Strengthening the Circular Economy
  • Topic 3. Processing, Production and ICT
  • Topic 4. Environmental assessment, climate and policy development for sustainability
  • Topic 5: Social sustainability in health, safety and public perception-cutting topics.

Proposals may address more than one topic and more than one of the sub-topics, subject to national/regional regulations

Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TA CR) will support successful Czech applicants and their projects with the amount of 800 000 EUR. The maximum financial amount of support per project is EUR 350,000. The maximum intensity of support for the Czech side of the project is 85% of the total eligible costs of the project.Enterprises and research organizations can apply for TA CR funding. Funding rules for the Czech applicants are defined by a funding programme EPSILONThis call is financed from the National Recovery Plan within component 5.2 entitled “Support for research and development in companies and introduction of innovations into business practice” and its investment “Aid for research and development in synergy effects with the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation”.

Participating countries:

EU countries/regions and research funding organisations:

Belgium‐Flanders (VLAIO/FIO); Belgium‐Wallonia (SPW‐Recherche); Bulgaria (BNSF); Czech Republic (TA CR); Estonia (ETAg); Finland (Business Finland); Germany (PT JÜLICH); Ireland (GSI), Poland (NCBR); Portugal (FCT); Romania (UEFISCDI); Slovakia (SAS); Slovenia (MIZS); Spain (AEI); Spain – Basque Country (EJ/GV – Innobasque), Spain-Navarra (CFNA) and Sweden (Vinnova).

EU Associated country: Turkey (TUBITAK)

Non-EU countries: Canada-Québec (PRIMA-Québec) and South-Africa (DSI).

For more information on the indicative budget, participating countries and more please check the pre-anouncement document