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The GAMA 2 support programme for applied research, experimental development and innovation (hereinafter the “Programme”) was approved by Resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic No. 634 of 11 July 2016. The GAMA Programme is a follow-up to the GAMA 2 Programme. The programme is divided into two sub-programmes – sub-programme 1 (hereinafter referred to as “SP1”) and sub-programme 2 (hereinafter referred to as “SP2”), which differ in the method of implementation and their potential beneficiaries.

The programme is expected to run from 2020 until 2022, i.e. for 3 years. The call for proposals in applied research, experimental development and innovation (hereinafter “the call for proposals”) to select projects for sub-programme 1 will be first announced in 2019 with funding starting in 2020. It is foreseen that subsequently calls for proposals will be announced annually from 2020 until 2022, but only for sub-programme 2. The duration of projects may not exceed the duration of the programme.

The GAMA 2 Programme focus on supporting the verification of the results of applied research and experimental development (hereinafter referred to as “R&D”) in terms of their practical application and at preparing their subsequent commercial use or exploitation for the needs of the society. Supported activities fall under the categories “applied research”, “experimental development”, “innovation” according to the Act, the Framework and the Regulation.

The Programme’s objective is to support new systems for the transfer of knowledge and to enable the streamlining of the existing ones in order to convert the R&D in ROs and enterprises and enabling their commercial exploitation. The support should concern mainly R&D for innovation of existing products, services or technologies so as to enable their application in other areas (market expansion strategy) or support for R&D for the creation of completely new products, services or technologies (strategy for creating new markets ).

The total expenditure of the Programme amounts to 567,1 million CZK. The state budget expenses (the TA CR Section) amount to 550,0 million CZK out of the total expenditure. The average intensity of the aid provided to the Programme is expected to be 74%.
Under SP1, public funds shall be provided only to research organisations for their non-economic activities. Under SP2, public funds shall be provided pursuant to the Regulation and the Framework.