Why is it necessary to address the gender dimension in the content of research and innovation?

Research and innovation have a significant impact on society and quality of life. However, the results of research and innovation do not always bring the same benefits to women and men (and sometimes other social groups are neglected as well).

A number of cases is known where the implicit focus on the male user and the omission of partial physical differences between men and women and the different experiences or needs of women have led to limited validity of research results, lower relevance or safety of research products for women. Such approach can result in an irrelevant, ineffective or non-functional research product and thus in inefficient use of public funds, frustrated investment, failure to seize market opportunities or unintended damage to health.

  • Gender dimension in different areas of research and development – videos from the GEECCO project

Humans & Computers

Robots in our Society

Energy for all

Mobility for all

Inclusive design – why intersectionality matters

Why is it necessary to address the gender dimension in the content of research and innovation?

From 2019, TA CR started to evaluate how gender perspective is reflected and possibly integrated in research projects, namely in the ZÉTA programme (junior programme) and later in the ÉTA programme (applied research in social sciences and humanities).

Methodological support

Exhibition: Integration of gender dimension in the content of research and innovation

The exhibition highlights the importance of integrating the gender dimension into research and innovation. Using specific examples from the fields of energy, medicine, robotics, transport or information technology, it shows that taking into account the role of sex and gender in research practice leads to safer, more exploited or more market-relevant research results.

The exhibition was created by a team from the Technische Universität Wien under the GEECCO project in which TA CR takes part.

The complete exhibition can be viewed HERE.


The main objective of the GENDER-NET Plus ERA-NET Cofund project is to support projects with a gender dimension through a joint international call launched by European providers who are part of the project consortium. In addition, the consortium is engaged in other activities to support gender mainstreaming in research and institutional changes to ensure gender equality.

More information on the supported projects can be found HERE