KAPPA Programme: Travel expenses for participants from the Donor States

Technology Agency of the Czech republic (TA CR) will cover the travel expenses to KAPPA Conference and Matchmaking for participants from the Donor States up to 520 EUR per participant. Accommodation and fly tickets are provided by the participants themselves.

The expected maximum number of participants from the Donor States: Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein is 22. Priority is given to those registered first. TA CR will confirm the participation of the event to each excepted participant from the Donor States and will undertake to pay cashless bank compensation to the bank account up to the limit of 13 500 CZK (approx 520 EUR) per participant after signing the contract and submitting relevant documents. Accommodation up to 2 400 CZK (approx 92 EUR) per night and return Economy fly ticket up to 6 300 CZK (approx 240 EUR). Travel expenses will only be granted to the participants from the Donor States, not to the domestic participants.

After the seminar, the participant from the Donor States submits documents for the following reimbursement:

  • fly ticket invoice, account statement and two boarding passes,
  • accommodation invoice and receipt or statement of account.

The participants travel expenses cannot be refunded without the required invoices and documents.

Recommended accommodation: