About the project:

The project aims to develop early diagnostic biomarkers of Alzheimer disease (AD) by validating a series of new biomarkers in serum and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in participants from the Czech Brain Aging Study (CBAS).This Czech–Norwegian joint project will involve researchers from CBAS – Czech team with a unique clinical cohort and a top Norwegian research team specialized in mitophagy research. We aim to: 1.)Determine changes of designated mitophagy proteins in serum and CSF of AD individuals compared to non-AD and cognitively normal controls; 2.)Determine the relation to demographics, cognitive status and standard AD biomarkers; 3.)Verify the findings from CBAS on induced pluripotent stem cells and animal models; 4.)Validate specific mitophagy proteins as early diagnostic marker of AD.

Beneficiary and project partners:

Univerzita Karlova
University of Oslo