Positive Energy Districts (PED)

Project: Positive Energy Districts (PED)
Project number: n/a
Identification od programmeNational programmes (for TA CR programme Théta)
Type of ActionJoint Transnational Call
Duration3 years (2020-2022)
Total Project Budget€ 2.700.000
Requested EU Contribution€ 0 

The project summary:

This call on Positive Energy Districts and Neighbourhoods (PEDs) is the first in a series of calls on the topic. This first Pilot Call is funded solely by the participating countries/regions. The call focuses on smaller-scale joint R&I projects (duration 1-2 years) on PED/PEN implementation providing alignment, comparison and exchange of experiences between (European) cities having PED projects in different phases (including pre-feasibility studies, planning, implementation, operation), their integration in general urban strategies, innovative stakeholder involvement strategies and the role of geographical/climatic conditions.

Participating organisations:

  1. FFG – Austrian Research Promotion Agency, Austria
  2. Innoviris – The Brussels Institute for Research and Innovation, Belgium 
  3. TA ČR – Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, Czech Republic 
  4. SWEA – Swedish Energy Agency / Viable Cities, Sweden