Registration into ISTA through SISTA

Part 1. Registration and activation of a user account – if you do not have an account in IS TA CR yet

  • 1. After opening the link, you will see two options on the main page – login and registration. Registration is always required for the first visit. The “Register” button in the lower right part of the screen is used for this step.
  • 2. After clicking on the “To register” button, two options will appear:

Select the second option, i.e., Register as an expert.

  • 3. Now choose the login method – by email and password or by using a Google account

Using a Google account

If you wish to register using a Google Account, click on the Use Google Account button. A pop-up will appear where you can choose:

  • whether you want to use the Google account that you are currently logged in with in the browser
  • or enter another Google account

By choosing this option, you also confirm that you agree to share your email address, language preference, and profile picture with the application.

Using an email and password

1. Fill in your email address and password in the empty fields. Click on the Continue button.

The password must be at least 8 characters long and contain a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers.

2. Next, fill in your personal data (name, surname, and date of birth), confirm that you acknowledge the personal data processing policy and click on the Continue button.

The next step is to activate the account. A six-digit activation code will be sent to the login email you provided. Enter it in the empty field and press Activate to verify the validity of your email address.

If you do not receive the code within a few minutes, ask for it to be resent. In the event of any complications, contact the Technical Support Helpdesk.

4. After successful activation, you can press Continue to proceed to the SISTA main page.

All of the above fields must be filled in.

Part 2. Filling in basic data

1. After activating the account, you will receive the Basic data task by email 📧, in the Notifications 🔔, and you can click on it from the Tasks tab 📋.

2. Basic data 1 of 11: Education

Fill in the highest achieved education. You can also add others using the Add another school button. Mandatory fields are outlined in red in the second image. Then press Continue.

3. Basic data 2 of 11: Current employment

Fill in the details regarding your current employment. Do not forget to fill in the company’s ID as well. This information will be taken into consideration during the assignment of evaluation activities – an evaluator cannot evaluate project proposals submitted by their employer. Stating the company’s ID will allow us to assign you only relevant project proposals, for which you will not have any bias. If your employer does not have an ID, check the Employer does not have an ID. If you have another job, click on Add another job and fill it in. It is important that you list all the organisations that you currently work for. Mandatory fields are outlined in red in the second image.

You will add any other potential biases not arising from your employment in part 3. Now press Continue.

4. Basic data 3 of 11: Selection of FORD (Field of Research Development) fields

In this step, carefully select the FORD fields that you want to focus on during your evaluation activity and that correspond to your specialisation. You can search in the codebook by keywords, which you enter on an empty line. It is necessary to fill in at least one major and one minor field, and a maximum of two major and three minor fields, but the major and minor fields must not be the same.

Based on the selected FORD fields, other fields will be pre-filled for you (CEP – Central Evidence of Projects and TA CR fields, Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of the Interior fields), according to which we will offer you specific projects for evaluation and other evaluation activities. Then press Continue.

NOTICE: If you go back to the FORD fields during the registration and add other fields, the other fields will no longer be pre-filled automatically. However, your existing fields will remain unchanged.

The FORD fields and all subsequent fields must correspond to your professional orientation and expert knowledge.

5. Basic data 4 of 11: Selection of CEP (Central Evidence of Projects) fields

The CEP fields will be pre-filled for you based on the selected FORD fields. Select a maximum of three majors and five minors from these fields, which again cannot be the same. Otherwise, add other fields that are missing from the list. When you have finished selecting, press Continue.

6. Basic data 5 of 11: Selection of TA CR fields

The TA CR fields will be pre-filled for you based on the selected FORD fields. Select a maximum of threemajors and five minors from these fields, which again cannot be the same. Otherwise, add other fields that are missing from the list and press Continue.

7. Basic data 6 of 11: Selection of research directions according to the Concept of R&D&I of the Ministry of Agriculture 2023+

8. Basic data 7 of 11: Selection of key research areas of the Ministry of Agriculture 2023+

9. Basic data 8 of 11: Selection of thematic areas of security research

In the next steps of the registration process, you will be shown an offer with the fields of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of the Interior.

Fill in these fields if you are interested in participating in the evaluation of projects falling under the programmes of these ministries. The fields are not mandatory. Select the fields or leave the fields blank and press Continue.

10. Basic data 9 of 11: Resume

Insert your current professional resume so that we can assess your suitability to evaluate research projects or other evaluation activities. You can insert a resume in PDF format or add a link to it or a link to an online profile on Europass. The resume is a mandatory part of the registration. After entering your resume, press Continue.

11. Basic data 10 of 11: Other sources of information about your work

Here you have the possibility to insert links to profiles on LinkedIn and ResearchGate. You can also add other relevant links using the Add another link button. These links are optional. Then press Continue.

12. Basic data 11 of 11: Submit for consideration

In this step, make sure that you have filled in all the details. If you want, you can go back to a step in the registration (basic data) and edit the entered data. Send the basic data for consideration to the administrator from the Human Potential Development Department using the Submit for consideration button. He or she will either approve or reject your registration (basic data) or return it to be completed.

Part 3. Filling in basic data

1. If your basic data is in order and you meet the criteria for inclusion among the experts, the administrator will approve your registration. Subsequently, you will receive the Additional data task.

2. Additional data 1 of 6: Data for contract purposes

Fill in the personal data that will be added to the contract and will help us to place you among the domestic or foreign experts.

For this reason, the personal identification number and nationality are mandatory.

3. Additional data 2 of 6: Bank details for purposes of the contract

Fill in your bank details that we will use to pay your remuneration. Enter an IBAN and BIC/SWIFT only if you have a bank account outside the Czech Republic so that the remuneration can be sent abroad from the Czech Republic. If you are a natural person conducting business, please also fill in the company’s ID from which you will invoice the remuneration.

Bank account details are mandatory.

4. Additional data 3 of 6: Address of registered office / residence

Fill in the address of the registered office / residence. If your contact address is other than your permanent address, check the box and fill it in below. The address will also be included in the contract, therefore it is mandatory.

5. Additional data 4 of 6: Experience with projects

Tick the experience you have with projects. The inclusion of this information will help us offer you a wider range of evaluation activities. Experience with projects is optional.

6. Additional data 5 of 6: Bias

In this part of the additional data, state the ID of the legal person, natural person conducting business, or the organisational unit of the state that you are biassed for or against. In the future, these data will be considered during the assignment of projects and evaluation activities. They are now only informative and are therefore optional.

7. Additional data 6 of 6: Submit for consideration

In this step, make sure that you have filled in all the details. If you want, you can go back to a step in the Additional data part of the registration and edit it. Press the Send data button to send the additional data for assessment to the administrator from the human potential development department.He or she will either approve or reject your registration (additional data) or return it for completion.

8. After approval of the additional data, we will contact you by email with details regarding verification of your identity via the Citizen Identity, as well as making available and subsequently accepting the Framework Agreement.

You can find your expert profile in the left menu under the Expert tab and Expert data.
You can edit your Personal Data in Settings. In the Manage profiles section, you have the possibility
to edit your contact details, and in the Manage notifications section, you can select what information is sent from the SISTA system.

In the event of any problems, contact the email address