The transfer of the evaluator profiles

We would like to inform you that the transfer from the current ISTA system to the newly built SISTA system has been successful. The evaluators of TA CR funded projects and the experts cooperating with programme BETA’s research needs will newly conclude framework agreements and manage the personal data in SISTA. Please note, that the functionalities will be launched gradually and may not be fully available at this moment.

SISTA is being developed gradually with several suppliers participating in it, who develop individual functional parts. For that reason, TA CR will also gradually launch individual modules and add functionalities that will have a positive impact on users’ activity within SISTA.

What does it mean?
This means that part of the evaluators’ agenda will be newly managed in SISTA, and part will remain in ISTA for now. The complete administration of the evaluation agenda in the SISTA system is planned in 2025. We will keep users informed about the news.

What will be administered in SISTA?

  • the evaluators’ profile data
  • conclusion of framework agreements for the evaluation activities in the calls for proposals, and newly also for the expert activities in the public tenders (it includes the new methods of identity verification, where users will choose the most convenient method for them)

We expect to launch these functionalities on January 5, 2024.

What activities will you continue to perform in ISTA?

  • order acceptance
  • training course for new calls for proposals
  • project evaluations 
  • browsing already existing evaluations

In case of questions, or you need assistance, please contact the TA CR helpdesk.