Research has long pointed to various barriers faced by women in research (prejudices, barriers associated with parenthood, higher levels of job insecurity, etc.) and which lead to their more frequent withdrawal from science. For the Czech research ecosystem, the departure of women means the loss of highly educated people, their expertise, creativity, perspectives and  experience. A substantial part of the educated population thus loses the opportunity to participate through research and innovation in the creation of knowledge and shaping of the world in which society as a whole should live. This fact can be negatively reflected not only in a wasted chance to increase the society’s quality of life, but also in the failure to use all available resources of the knowledge economy.

The Czech Republic has long been one of the EU countries with the lowest representation of women in research, and their share has been stagnating for a long time. In 2018, the share of women was even the lowest within the EU (Eurostat, 2020).