Visual identity


  • Programme Beta2 (.SVG / .PNG)
  • Programme Gama (.SVG / .PNG
  • Programme Gama 2 (.SVG / .PNG)
  • Programme Delta (.SVG / .PNG)
  • Programme Delta 2 (.SVG / .PNG)
  • Programme Epsilon (.SVG / .PNG
  • Programme Zeta (.SVG / .PNG)
  • Programme Eta (.SVG / .PNG)
  • Programme Theta (.SVG / .PNG)
  • Programme Competence Centres (.SVG / .PNG)
  • Programme National Competence Centres (.SVG / .PNG)
  • Programme Kappa (.SVG / .PNG)
  • Programme Trend (.SVG / .PNG)
  • Programme Transport 2020+ (.SVG / .PNG)
  • Program Environment For Life (.SVG / .PNG)
  • Programme SIGMA (.SVG / .PNG)


  1. The programme logo may only be used by the Beneficiary or another participant in the programme funding, as well as members of the TA CR bodies and members of professional advisory bodies of the programmes (hereinafter referred to as the “user”).
  2. Logos may be used for promotional and identification purposes that are exclusively connected to the implementation of a specific project that has been financed within the programme or for purposes resulting from the activities of members of the above-mentioned bodies.
  3. In this case, promotional purposes mean, in particular, use on websites, printed materials (brochures, leaflets, posters, etc.), PowerPoint presentations, banners, etc.
  4. In this case, identification purposes mean, in particular, the designation of property.
  5. The duration of use of the logo is limited to the duration of the project and 10 years after its completion or the period of membership in the above-mentioned bodies, or other cooperation with the TA CR.
  6. The TA CR logo and the programme logo can be used for purposes other than those mentioned above only after prior approval by the TA CR (
  7. The logo shall not be disparaged or misused by its inappropriate use and the good name of the TA CR shall not be discredited.
  8. The user is not authorized to grant permission to use the logo to other persons.
  9. The use of all graphic materials is possible only in accordance with the rules stated in the Graphic Manual – Beneficiaries and in the Mandatory publicity of projects supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.