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Digital transformation for green energy transition

Call 2020

Launch of the Call will be published
Deadline for project outlines
will be published
Deadline for full proposal submission will be published
Notification of accepted proposals
will be published
Indicative Call budget of TA CR
€ 1 000 000
research organizations and enterprises
Website for Czech applicants

TA CR Contact Person
Eliška Šibrová
+420 778 464 012


By accelerating the implementation, adaption and knowledge creation of digital solutions in energy systems and networks, this call supports the following objectives:

  • Advance the green energy transition in all sectors of the energy system while ensuring security of supply
  • Shaping new transnational business and investment opportunities by sector coupling and development of new value chains in innovative and cost-effective energy solutions, thereby creating new employment opportunities and contributing to the development of an environmentally sustainable financial growth
  • Ensuring social sustainability and coherence with digitalisation in other sectors in the progression of the green energy transition

Participating countries

Austria (FFG), Czech Republic (TA CR), Denmark (EUDP), Finland (Business Finland), Germany (PtJ), India (DST), Israel (MOE), Latvia (LAS), Morocco (IRESEN), Nordics and Baltics region (NER), Norway (RCN), Poland (NCBR), Romania (UEFISCDI), Scotland (SCOTENT), Spain (CDTI), Sweden (SWEA), Switzerland (DETEC-SFOE), Turkey (TÜBITAK)

General conditions for application

Will be published.

Partner search tools

ERA-NET SES operates an information and matchmaking platform where interested parties can look for suitable partners and link to so-called living labs and digital platform providers. Furthermore, there is an online Kick-Off Event on September 28th, 2020, where the Joint Call will be launched and where interested parties will have a first opportunity for networking and matchmaking.

Potential applicants should not miss the Joint Programming Conference 2020 Smart Energy Systems either, where they will be given an opportunity to get started with building their consortium and drafting a proposal outline. The informational and matchmaking session will take place on October 14th, 2020 (14:00 – 17:30 CEST). Registration is needed.
Last but not least, Virtual International Partnering could serve as a partner search tool for this Joint Call as well.

Electronic submission system

Project outlines and proposals must be submitted electronically through The NordForsk Application Portal. The template for the project outline is going to be published on the Joint Call official website.

About EnerDigit

The Joint Call 2020 on digital transformation for green energy transition (“EnerDigit” or “MICall2020”) is a joint project between the European Joint Programming Platform ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems (JPP ERA-Net SES) and the global Mission Innovation Initiative. The aim is to support transnational research and innovation activities unleashing the potential of digital transformation for a sustainable energy society. The total available budget reaches € 30 Mio (including funding from the European Commission).
Please find here the Joint Call 2020 flyer.