Water4All Call 2022

Launch of the Call June 2022
Notification of accepted proposals
autumn 2022
Indicative Call budget of TA CR € 350 000
Maximum amount per project: € 180 000
Maximum funding rate (intensity) per project: 85%
Applicants main applicant:
research organizations, enterprises,organisational units of the state; other project partner: research organizations, enterprises,organisational units of the state    
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Website for Czech applicants:

TA CR Contact Person

  • Aneta Lízancová
  • aneta.lizancova@tacr.cz
  • +420 778 976 952


Water4All Joint Call 2022 Pre-announcement
3. 1. 2022
– Thirty-one Funding Agencies from all over Europe and abroad are pleased to pre-announce a joint transnational call for research and innovation projects on “Management of water resources for…


This call will cover the following three non-exclusive themes*:

  • Resilience, adaptation and mitigation to hydroclimatic extreme events
  • Tools for water management – in the context of hydroclimatic extreme events
  • Improved water governance in the context of hydroclimatic extreme events and international contexts

*However, for Czech Applicants to be eligible, results of the project must be applicable in the environment of the Czech Republic (Applicability of foreseen project outputs and their employment in the conditions of the Czech Republic will be assessed during the national eligibility check).

Participating countries

Austria (FWF), Belgium (VLAIO, FWO, F.R.S-FNRS), Czechia (TA CR), Denmark (IFD), Estonia (ETAg), Finland (AKA, YM), France (ANR), Germany (BMBF), Greece (GSRI), Hungary (NKFIH), Ireland (EPA), Italy (MUR), Israe (MoE)l, Lithuania (LMT), Latvia (LCS/VIAA), Malta (MESD), Moldova (NARD), Netherlands (NWO), Norway (RCN), Poland (NCBR), Portugal (FCT), Romania (EUFISCDI), Slovak Republic (SAS), South Africa (WRC), Spain (CDTI, AEI), Sweden (Formas), Switzerland (SNSF), Turkey (TUBITAK)

General conditions for application

The rules of this call for Czech applicants are based on the “Prostředí pro život” programme, from which TA ČR will support successful Czech subjects that are part of successful international projects. The total amount of TA CR support per call for Czech applicants in international projects is € 350,000, of which a maximum of € 180,000 per project. The maximum intensity of support for the Czech side of the project is 85% of the total eligible costs of the project.


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Electronic submission system

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Documents for Czech applicants are here in section “Dokumenty”.

About Water4All

The 2022 Joint Transnational Call will seek to deliver knowledge, models, approaches, tools and methodologies to better understand hydrological processes at different scales and to respond more efficiently to emerging water issues related to extreme events.

This project has received funding from the European Union ’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme.