ERA-NET Cofunds & European Partnerships

About ERA-NET Cofunds and European Partnerships

ERA-NET Cofund within Horizon 2020, the European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (for the period until 2025), and European Partnership within Horizon Europe are mechanisms providing opportunities to funding organisations from individual EU Member States (such as TA CR), associated countries and mostly also some non-European countries to launch joint international calls for proposals under some agreed theme. Applicants submit project proposals involving international consortia, with each funding organisation financing successful applicants from its own country which take part in projects selected within these international calls. A list of funding organisations taking part in a given call is usually published before the call is launched. At present, TA CR as a funding organisation participates in joint calls in the fields of biodiversity and climate, water pollution, ICST, non-agricultural raw materials or innovative materials. At the same time, actions are being prepared under other themes such as transport. TA CR allocation for individual joint calls varies in size, but often amounts to approximately EUR 1 million, with a maximum funding rate of 70 – 100% of eligible project costs for the Czech part of the project.